SimpleLink SDK Plugin | From the Texas Instrument (TI) official website, there was mention that SimpleLink SDK Plugins (referred simply to as "plugins" from here forward) are power software packages that are designed to extend the base functionality of one or more SimpleLink SDKs. Plugins provide use case application functionalities that are outside the scope of each platform SDK's base functionality. These plugins provide developers with a way to enhance support of their SDK to better match their application's individual needs. This SimpleLink Academy module is made to deep dive into the definition of an SDK Plugin as well as give users a couple of specific examples of plugin usage. 

SimpleLink SDK Plugin Concept 
Plugins are intended to extend functionality of each individual SimpleLink SDK to include specialized use-cases. These specialized use cases can range anywhere from adding wireless functionality to extending a platform SDK's example base. 

While all of the plugins have the same basic structure and look-and-feel of an SDK, they are not meant as standalone applications and rely heavily on components from the base platform SDK. The SimpleLink MSP432 Sensors and Actuator Interface Library (SAIL) Plugin, for example, relies heavily on the TI-Drivers, RTOS kernels, DriverLib, and various other components from the platform SDK. A high level block diagram of these dependencies can be seen in the image below: 

Figure 1. SDK plugin concept (SAIL plugin as example) 

It is important to note that each plugin contains all of the necessary components to function fully alongside the platform SDK. Plugins do not install inside of the SDK itself, but rather in a folder next to the SDK. This is to simplify the maintenance model as well as provide customers with a organic experience for updating and switching between plugin versions. 

SimpleLink SDK Plugin From Texas Instruments 
  1. SimpleLink software development kit (SDK) plug-in for HomeKit, Click here!
  2. Sensor and Actuator Plug-ins for SimpleLink MCU SDK, Click here!
  3. Bluetooth plug-in for the SimpleLink MSP432 SDK, Click here!
  5. SimpleLink SDK Near Field Communication (NFC) Plugin, Click here!
SimpleLink SDK Plugin Detail Information 
For more detail information about SimpleLink SDK Plugin, please visit this page!

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