Beginner User of SimpleLink MSP432P401R Development Kit | Hello my friends, if you are a beginner in using SimpleLink MSP432P401R development kit, may be, you can follow my simple tips in order you can use that development kit properly. If you want to try my tips, please follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Buy your own SimpleLink MSP432P401R development kit 
To get your own SimpleLink MSP432P401R development kit, you can buy it from Texas Instruments (TI) official website (Click here!) or buy from online-shop which sell embedded systems products on your country. 

If you have gotten your own SimpleLink MSP432P401R development kit, before you start to use your new development kit, it is better if you read the development kit User's Guide (Download here!) carefully. 

Step 2: Download & install Code Composer (CoCo) Studio 
Code Composer (CoCo) Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) software from TI, you can download and use it freely from TI official website. Below is the Code Composer (CoCo) Studio download link: 
Step 3: Download & install CoCo Studio support software - SimpleLink MSP432 SDK 
MSP432 Software Development Kit (SDK) is a comprehensive software package that enables engineers to quickly develop highly functional applications on Texas Instruments MSP432™ microcontrollers (MCUs). The MSP432 SDK is comprised of multiple compatible software components including RTOS, drivers, and middleware as well as examples of how to use these components together. In addition, examples are provided to demonstrate the use of each functional area and each supported device and as a starting point for your own projects. Download MSP432 SDK on the link below: 

MSP432 Software Development Kit (SDK), Download here! 

Step 4: Download & install CoCo Studio support software - MSP432Ware & MSP432 DriverLib 
MSP432Ware is a collection of code examples, datasheets and other design resources for all MSP432 devices delivered in a convenient package, while MSP432 DriverLib (Driver Library) is a collection of high level API (Application Programming Interface) that speed up software development for MSP432. The MSP432 Driver Library package includes API documentaion and examples to help you get started. Driver library (DriverLib) is one of the main components of MSP432Ware. 
Step 5: Getting Started to make a project Using SimpleLink MSP432 and Code Composer Studio 
Follow my guidance to get started to make a project Using SimpleLink MSP432 and Code Composer Studio, Click here! 

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