Record the EPSON Robot Simulation Result and Produce Its Video File | Hello my friends, I hope my articles on this website that talking about EPSON Robot are useful for you. Today, in this article, we will learn how to record simulation results and produce its video file (in AVI format). 

If on my previous article that talk about how to record and playback the EPSON robot simulation result, we only record a running simulation and playback the simulation result on EPSON robot simulator, but on this article, I will guide you how to record the EPSON robot motions when the simulation process running and produce a video file (in AVI format) of the simulation process recording. So you can playback the simulation result using video player without open EPSON RC+ software or Robot Simulator. It can be done because on the EPSON Robot Simulator equipped with Record/Playback feature. See figure 1! 

Figure 1. Record/Playback feature on EPSON Robot Simulator 

To record the EPSON robot simulation result and produce its movie file, here is the steps: 

Step 1: 
Make sure your project has been opened! 

Step 2: 
Open EPSON Robot Simulator. 

Step 3: 
Select simulation mode to “Playback” mode. See figure 2! 

Figure 2. Simulation mode selector - Select “Playback” mode 

Step 4: 
Create Movie. To start create a movie file, click “Create Movie” button on the EPSON Robot Simulator toolbar. See figure 2! So the “Create Movie” window appears. See figure 3! 

Figure 3. The “Create Movie” window 

Step 5: 
Set the movie file parameters. Before starting to create video file, you have to set some movie file parameters, i.e. Recording name, Sampling value, Play speed percentage, Output file storage/directory, and AVI compression. See figure 4! 

Figure 4. The movie file parameters setting 

With follow the figure 4 above, use same recording name with previous recording simulation file, “C4_simulationPlayBack.” For sampling value, left the value 2 millisecond (2 ms). Set the play speed percentage to 100 (100%). Determine a directory where you will save the output file (movie file) or using the default directory, i.e. save the output file on project directory/folder. The last, for AVI compression, select “No Compression.” 

After you have set all of the movie file parameters, next, click OK button to continuous the process. Once you click OK button, the simulation and the create movie process will run simultaneously. See figure 5! 

Figure 5. The simulation and the create movie process run simultaneously 

Wait until the progress complete! 

Step 6: 
Check the created movie file on your project directory. See figure 6! If there is your EPSON robot simulation movie file, it mean that the movie file creation process has run successfully. 

Figure 6. The movie file on project directory 

Next, you can open the EPSON robot simulation movie file using your video player (for example GOM player, Windows Media Player, etc.) without open EPSON RC+ software or Robot Simulator. This movie file will useful if in a presentation session you need to show your simulation result for your presentation viewers, may be your manager or your clients. 

Figure 7. The movie file play using GOM player 

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