Record and Playback the EPSON Robot Simulation Result | Hello my friends, I hope my articles on this website that talking about EPSON Robot are useful for you. Today, in this article, we will learn how to record and produce simulation results. 

On my previous article that talk about how to create new project to control EPSON robot motion, I have explain procedures from how to create a new project, create SPEL+ program, and run it to control EPSON robot motion on Simulation environment. On that article, we have seen the EPSON robot motions on Robot Simulator. 

On this article, I will guide you how to record the EPSON robot motions when the simulation process running in order you can playback the simulation more than one time of the simulation process recording. It can be done because on the EPSON Robot Simulator equipped with Record/Playback feature. See figure 1! 

Figure 1. Record/Playback feature on EPSON Robot Simulator 

To record the EPSON robot motion on simulation environment and play it back, here is the steps: 

Step 1: 
Make sure your project has been opened! 

Step 2: 
Open EPSON Robot Simulator. 

Step 3: 
Select simulation mode to “Simulation” mode. See figure 2! 

Figure 2. Simulation mode selector - Select “Simulation” mode 

Step 4: 
Open “New Playback Recording” window! Click on “New” button in the Record/Playback window (See figure 2!), so the “New Playback Recording” window will appears. See figure 3! 

Figure 3. The “New Playback Recording” window 

Step 5: 
Type a name for new simulation recording file, then click OK button. See figure 4! 

Figure 4. Type a name for new simulation recording file 

Once you click OK button, name file of simulation recording will show on the recording drop-down. See figure 5! 

Figure 5. Simulation recording file name has created 

Step 6: 
Start to record a running EPSON robot simulation. Start to record a running EPSON robot simulation by click “Record” button. See figure 6! Now, the record button is in red. It is signed that the recorder ready to record a running EPSON robot motion simulation. 

Figure 6. Record button 

Step 7: 
Run an EPSON robot simulation. Once you run the simulation, the EPSON robot motion will record and the simulation result saved in the recording file while executing a SPEL+ program. 

Figure 7. Run an EPSON robot simulation 

Step 8: 
Stop the EPSON robot simulation. If you guess that the simulation recording has been enough, you can stop the simulation by click the stop button on the run window. See figure 8! 

Figure 8. Stop the EPSON robot simulation 

Step 9: 
Change the simulator operating mode to “Playback Mode” again. 

Figure 9. Simulation mode selector - Select “Playback Mode” mode 

Step 10: 
Try to playback the EPSON robot motion simulation. Set the sampling value (in millisecond, ms) and the simulation speed percentage. Left the sampling value 2 ms and for the simulation speed set to 100% (high-speed). To start playback the simulation result, click on the “Play” button. See figure 10! 

Figure 10. Start to playback the EPSON robot motion simulation result 

If you want to stop the running simulation result playback, click “Stop” button on the “Record/Playback” window! See figure 11! 

Figure 11. Stop button - to stop the running simulation result playback 

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