Open EPSON Robot Simulator | Hello my friends, I hope my articles about EPSON Robot are useful for you. Today I will continue guide you learning about EPSON robot motion control. In this article, I will guide you how to open Robot Simulator on EPSON RC+ software. 

If you want to work on simulator environment, you have to open EPSON Robot Simulator. Before open it, you must connect to an EPSON virtual robot/controller (See figure 1), because the EPSON robot model (2D/3D model) that will available on the Robot Simulator is depend on EPSON virtual robot that you have selected on “Connection” drop-down. 

Figure 1. Connect to one EPSON virtual robot/controller 

To open the EPSON Robot Simulator, select “Tool” menu on the EPSON RC+ menu-bar, then click “Simulator” option or you can use shortcut-key Ctrl + F5. See figure 2! 

Figure 2. Step to open EPSON Robot Simulator 

Figure 3. EPSON Robot Simulator window 

After you do the steps above, EPSON Robot Simulator window will opened as displayed on figure 3. 

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