More Detail About Help Menu on the EPSON RC+ Software | One of the reason why choose EPSON robot to build your manufacturing systems is “Easy to use.” If you working with EPSON robot, don’t worry, you will not face difficulties in using it. Because on the EPSON RC+ software has available complete user guide (manual documents) for every things about EPSON robot product, from the robot products, controller, EPSON RC+ software, EPSON SPEL+ programming, until all of the available features each of them has its user guided. So if you follow its user guided, there will no difficulties. 

Figure 1. Open help file in CHM format - select How Do I/Contents/Index/Search 

If you want to open the CHM format help document, please, select How Do I, Contents, Index, or Search option (See figure 1 above). So the EPSON RC+ software help document in CHM format will open soon. See figure 2 below! 

Figure 2. Help file (*chm format) 

But if you want to open the help document in PDF format, please, select Manuals option (See figure 3 below!) and then select a manual document that you wanted, so a help document in PDF format that you wanted will open soon. 

Figure 3. Open help file in PDF format - select Manual and select a manual that you wanted 

Next, for example, to know step to open a controller, a robot, EPSON RC+ software, and SPEL+ language reference manual file, please see figure 4, figure 5, figure 6, and figure 7! 

Figure 4. Open controller manual file in PDF format 

Figure 5. Open Robot manual file in PDF format 

Figure 6. Open EPSON RC+ user guide file in PDF format 

Figure 7. Open SPEL+ language reference file in PDF format 

[1] EPSON RC+ software 

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