EPSON Robot Simulation Using Sample Project | If you are not sure with your created program to control your EPSON robot, it is better if you apply your program in a simulation using Robot Simulator that has provided on the EPSON RC+ software. In order your EPSON robot is not in damaged. 

On this article, I will guide you to do a simulation using provided sample project. Follow the steps! 

Step 1: Connect with a sample virtual controller (robot) 

Figure 1. Select a virtual controller (Robot) 

On this case, select virtual controller “C4 sample.” See figure 1! 

Step 2: Open the corresponding sample project 

Figure 2. Select Project menu then select Open 

Figure 3. Select SimulatorDemos >> C4_sample 

Select Project menu then select Open. See figure 2! Then select SimulatorDemos root then C4_sample file project and click Open button. See figure 3! 

Figure 4. C4_sample project has already open 

Step 3: Open the robot simulator window 

Figure 5. Select Tools menu then select Simulator (Ctrl + F5) 

To open the robot simulator window, please select Tools menu then select Simulator. You can use a shortcut too, i.e. Ctrl + F5. See figure 5! 

Figure 6. Robot Simulator window 

Step 4: Build the sample program 
Before you use the sample program to control the robot motion, the program must be "Build" (Compiled) in order the robot can be understand all of the instructions (Command) that programmer (user/engineer) describe in the program (EPSON SPEL+ language programming). 

Figure 7. Build the sample program (Ctrl + B) 

To build the program, select Project menu then select Build or using a shortcut, i.e. Ctrl + B. See figure 7! 

Figure 8. Build status on Status Pane 

To make sure the program are correct, please check on the status pane. Make sure that there is generated an information that the build process was success (Build complete) and no errors happened. 

Step 5: Operate the robot by executing (Run) a program 
To control the robot motion using the built (Compiled) program, open the run window with select Run menu and click Run Window option or you can use a shortcut, i.e. F5. See figure 9! 

Figure 9. Open Run window (F5) 

 Figure 10. Run Window opened 

Figure 11. Select one program to run 

On the C4_sample project, there is three main program (Main, Main1, and Main2). We must choose one main program that will run to control the robot motion. On this case, we choose main1 program. After choose the program, to start running control the robot motion using the program, click Start button on the run window. See figure 11! 

Figure 12. Click Yes to continue 

If there is appear a confirmation window that ask “Are you ready to start?” just click “Yes” button on it. See figure 12! If the simulation steps and process are success, on the robot simulator will show the robot motion simulation. See figure 13! 

Figure 13. The simulation has running 

Figure 14. Stop and Pause button 

To pause or stop the running simulation on the robot simulator, click Pause or Stop button. So the simulation will be paused or stopped. See figure 14! 

[1] EPSON RC+ software user guide 

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