EPSON Robot Simulator Environment | In order you can use the robot simulator to run your EPSON robot simulation, you must understand about the environment. On the Robot Simulator, there are provide some main parts, i.e. Tool bar, Layout objects, Property Grid, 2D layout tab, 3D display tab, and Record/Playback. 

1. Tool bar 

Figure 1. Tool bar 

As you know on the other software, Tool bar are a place on an software that contain with tools and shortcuts of software feature that useful give help for the users, so they can use the software properly. As well on the robot simulator, there are has tool to select simulation mode, some button to make simulation objects, and etc. 

2. Layout Objects 

Figure 2. Layout object 

Layout object a part of robot simulator window to show the robots and layout objects. The Layout Objects pane shows the robot objects and layout objects in a tree format. See figure 2! The context menu appears by right-clicking the layout object. See figure 3! 

Figure 3. Context menu of an object 

3. Property Grid 

Figure 4. Property Grid 

The setting of the robots and layout objects will show on the property grid part. In the Property Grid pane, you can view and change the settings of the robot objects and layout objects in the Layout Object pane. See figure 4! 

4. 2D Layout display 

Figure 5. Simulation layout (The robot & objects places) in 2D view 

If you want to know the 2D view of the places of the robot and layout object positions, you can select the 2D layout tab of the Robot Simulator. See figure 5! 

5. Simulation 3D view 

Figure 6. Simulation 3D view 

To show the robot orientation and motion from various point of view during the simulation, you can select 3D view tab of the Robot Simulator. See figure 6! 

6. Record/Playback 

Figure 7. Record/Playback 

If you want to records, reproduce the simulation result, and store the simulation results in movie files, Robot simulator has equipped with tools to do it. Record/Playback feature available for you. See figure 7! 

[1] EPSON RC+ software user guide 

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