Introduce to IDE Arduino Work Area | Before start to use IDE ARduino software to type a program (Sketch) automatic controller system that will build or building, so we need to understand about work area of IDE Arduino software. Let see the IDE Arduino software work area on figure 1. 

Figure 1. IDE Arduino software work area 

On figure 1, we can see that IDE Arduino software feature is so simple. Only have 5 menu on its menu-bar (File-Edit-Sketch-Tools-Help), 5 tool icon on its tool-bar (Verify, Upload, New, Open, Save), text/program editor page, and status information box of all activities of utilizing IDE Arduino software as program compiling, program uploading to the Arduino board, error event, or other status information. On the most bottom part of IDE Arduino software (Bottom right corner), there is connection information an Arduino board (appeared Arduino/Genuino Uno) with computer serial port (appeared COM8). 

Below detail feature of every menu on the menu-bar of IDE Arduino software. Let see figure 2 to figure 6. 

Figure 2. Menu - File 

Figure 3. Menu - Edit 

Figure 4. Menu - Sketch 

Figure 5. Menu - Tools 

Figure 6. Menu - Help 

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