ABU Robocon 2018 Vietnam

robotics-university.com | NÉM CÒN (The Festival Wishing Happiness and Prosperity). Vietnam is on the fast development track. However, the traditional culture is always treasured. The concept of the ABU Robocon 2018's Theme & Rules is based on an interesting folk game called “Shuttlecock Throwing”. So what is required for Shuttlecock Throwing? The game consists of an open field with a 15m bamboo trunk planted in the middle. A bamboo ring is hung on top of the bamboo stick. The ring is covered in yellow and pink papers. Yellow color represents the moon, while pink represents the sun. The heart and soul of this game is the Shuttlecock. The shuttlecock is an object made of cotton balls or filled with rice husks, symbolizing prosperity and happiness. The shuttlecock is hung by a string sewn to the center of the Shuttecock. It is decorated with colorful cotton representing the colors of the rainbow. When playing, the player holds the end of the string to swing it clockwise various times before throwing and aims for the center of the ring. If the shuttlecock makes it through the ring, the player wins. The flying shuttlecock depicts a flying dragon, iconic of human power and the universe. 4 That's why the Shuttlecock Throwing Festival opening is commenced with a ceremony to pray for deitties of the Land and Sky. After the first shuttlecock hits the target, it will be opened. The husks inside it are shared among the people as a wish for a prosperous year. Nobody knows when the game started. Today, it is not only a folk game for both men and women, where they can meet and find their other halves but also a sport for players to show their skills. In this spirit, teams of ABU Robocon 2018 are expected to design formidable robots and charismatic shuttlecocks showing their colors. Now, let's celebrate the spirit of Shuttlecock Throwing in the ABU Robocon 2018!

The official website http://aburobocon2018.vtv.vn/
The theme rule of ABU ROBOCON 2018 (pdf), Download here!

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