Why Use Arduino?

robotics-university.com | Of course We have reason when choose to buy and to use a product, why choose to use the product? Minimally, our consideration are has correlation with the product price, quality, and easy in its operation. 

The first, price. All people of course want to buy a product with cheap in price suit with their pocket condition, or in the other word, the product price is reached. The second, beside cheap, the product quality is good. Not easy to be broken and if possible, the product is always in good condition forever and whenever. Then the third, the product is easy to operate. This factor become one of important consideration when a people buy a product. No one want to buy a product, but he/she face big difficulty when want to use the product, until must be do an extreme effort when want to take advantage from the product that has bought. 

The three thing above are certain consideration factor when we will buy a product, especially electronics product. Right? 

Can’t be denied, it is same with Arduino board. Me, you, and/or the other people of course has reason, why choose to use Arduino board to build automatic control system application. Below reasons that will make us willing to buy and to use Arduino board: 

Low in Price 
Arduino board designed to build automatic control application or prototype with low in price, so it is reached by the consumers in all level to buy. From children, junior/senior high school student, university student, hobbyist, teacher, lecture, and also researcher. 

Easy To Use 
The Arduino board concept is “Easy to use,” i.e. can easy to use for all user. Either consumer who has basic engineering knowledge (electronics and programming) or consumer who hasn’t electronics and programming skill before. Although like that, in using Arduino board, consumers have to read, familiar to operate computer and internet, capable to write (type program), and have good motivation to do trials build automatic control system projects by themselves. 

Good Quality 
About quality. This case is depend on the user when operate the Arduino board. In order to the Arduino board work normally and in good condition for a long time, the user have to follow the manual guide. If not, perhaps the Arduino board life-time will shorter. The Arduino life-time also depend on where the user placed it, indoor or outdoor. 

Multi-Platform Operating System 
Arduino board can be used on the three popular platform computer operating system in the world. Windows, Macintosh (Mac OS), and Linux. So it is make Arduino board has high flexibility for user who use multi-platform operating system on their works. 

IDE Arduino: Open-source and Updated 
IDE Arduino software share for user freely (open source software), so it is make the user enjoy using Arduino board. Beside open source, IDE Arduino is periodically updated. When this article arranged, IDE Arduino has release until 1.8.5 version. Below is its download link: 

In the case of IDE Arduino using, IDE Arduino is easy to use. The Arduino programming language is resemble with C programming language. So for IDE Arduino user who familiar with C programming language will not face difficulty when use it, in syaa Allah. 

Arduino Board Hardware 
Like the IDE Arduino, Arduino board hardware is open source. On the official website Arduino (www.arduino.cc) available electronics schematic file, printed circuits board (PCB) file (designed using EAGLE CADsoft software), and firmware to make Arduino board. All file are freely shared for Arduino board user. So, it is possible If user want to make the own Arduino board. 

Support Guidance/Tutorial 
Arduino board using become so easy because on the Arduino official website available guidance or tutorial and supporting informations about how to utilize every kind of Arduino borad type. Besides that, there also available forum page for Arduino user. Thus if users face any difficulty in Arduino board using, the users can share it on the forum. Below the Arduino forum link: 

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