ABU Robocon 2019 Mongolia

robotics-university.com | The mission of ABU Robocon 2019 Ulaanbaatar is to delivery information fast by using a relay messenger system - the Urtuu, which was first innovated in the world by the nomadic Mongolians. For exchanging information in a long distance, Mongolians had been using the Urtuu system as a messenger for rest (feeding, replacing a horse, etc.) and in some cases, rely to another messenger. By using the Urtuu system, a messenger was able to travel in distance of 400 kilometers per day. At present day, we are going through massive and abrupt development of exchanging and sharing knowledge and information. This Urtuu system was an important invention that opened a new door for us to exchange and share the knowledge in regardless of space. Based on this concept, ABU Robocon 2019 Ulaanbaatar is designed to promote the idea of "Sharing the knowledge."

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The theme rule of ABU ROBOCON 2019:
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Robocon 2019 Theme & Rules video:

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