SimpleLink MSP432 Software Development Kit (SDK) | To make easy and faster when you (A hobbyist or an engineer) build an embedded systems project using MSP432 microcontroller and Code Composer Studio IDE from Texas Instruments (TI), TI engineer provide a useful support software. They call the software with SimpleLink MSP432 Software Development Kit (SDK). 

On today article, I will try to explain for you about that SimpleLink MSP432 SDK. I quote explanation about SDK from TI official website. There explained that the MSP432 SDK is a comprehensive software package that enables engineers to quickly develop highly functional applications on Texas Instruments MSP432™ microcontrollers (MCUs). The MSP432 SDK is comprised of multiple compatible software components including RTOS, drivers, and middleware as well as examples of how to use these components together. In addition, examples are provided to demonstrate the use of each functional area and each supported device and as a starting point for your own projects. 

Figure 1. Simplelink MSP432 SDK block diagram (MSP432P4) 

  1. Flexible programming paradigms from bare metal to high-level APIs support the complete product lifecycle. 
  2. Jumpstart development with a rich set of application examples, clear documentation, getting started guides, training videos, and 24/7 online support. 
  3. Low cost of ownership with royalty-free software and rigorous testing of all software offerings, a predictable release cadence, and simplified upgrades compliant with published APIs. 
  1. TI-RTOS kernel: RTOS kernel developed by Texas Instruments with advanced power management capabilities 
  2. POSIX implementation of RTOS kernel: Portability across TI-RTOS and 3rd-party POSIX-compliant RTOSes including a pre-validated implementation of freeRTOS 
  3. TI Drivers: High-level abstraction layer with thread-safe APIs that operate across TI-RTOS and freeRTOS 
  4. Ethernet connectivity stacks: TCP/IP using NDK and lwIP, mbedTLS 
  5. USB stack for USB Full-speed/High-speed, Device/Host/OTG 
  6. Driver Library: Hardware peripheral software APIs that abstract away the intricacy of the device's hardware registers 
  7. Graphics Library: Create graphical user interfaces for MSP432 MCU-based systems incorporating a graphical display including the display driver layer, specific to the display in use; and the graphics primitives layer, which draws points, lines, rectangles, circles, text, and bitmap images. Image Reformer Tool: Image size and color depth manipulation utility used in Graphics Library 
  8. IQMathLib: A collection of highly optimized and high-precision mathematical functions for C programmers to seamlessly port a floating-point algorithm into fixed-point code on MSP432 microcontroller devices 
  9. Wide-ranging demo suite: Showcases several software libraries included in the SDK 
  10. Documentation: Comprehensive documentation and examples for each software components including software API Guides and User's Guides 
  11. Migration Guide from MSP432Ware: Guide provided in the SDK as well as on TI Cloud Resource Explorer 

Download SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Installer

To download the SimpleLink MSP432 SDK installer file, for version you can download here! 

How To Install SimpleLink MSP432 SDK?

1. SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Installation using offline installer
After you have downloaded the SimpleLink MSP432 SDK installer file on the link above and save it on a directory/folder of your computer, double-click the exe file and then follow all of the installation steps until finished (See figure 2).

 Figure 2. Install SimpleLink MSP432 SDK (Offline)

2. SimpleLink MSP432 SDK Installation from TI Resource Explorer (Online)

SimpleLink MSP432 SDK installation can be done online, i.e. using the TI Resource Explorer feature which has integrated on the Code Composer Studio IDE software. To do so, make sure that your computer has connected to the internet network (Online).

To get started install the SimpleLink MSP432 SDK via TI Resource Explorer, open the TI Resource Explorer, click “View” on the menu-bar, then select “Resource Explorer” option. Or you can also easy to do that by click the “Resource Explorer” on the “Getting Started” page (See figure 3). One you click the “Resource Explorer” option or button, the TI Resource Explorer welcome page will be opened for you (See figure 4).

Figure 3. TI Resource Explorer opening steps

Figure 4. TI Resource Explorer welcome page

Next, connect your SimpleLink MSP432 development kit to your computer. First, type your board/device name on the available blank field (See figure 4). Type “MSP432,” then there will appear drop-down of some TI board type. Select “MSP432P401R - Red 2” (See figure 5), then push the “DETECT MY BOARD” button on the TI Resource Explorer welcome page (See figure 6)

Figure 5. TI Board type drop-down

Once you push the “DETECT MY BOARD” button, the “DETECT MY BOARD” button changed as shown on figure 7 and It's sign that the MSP432P401R development kit has connected to the computer.

Figure 6. The “DETECT MY BOARD” button

Figure 7. The MSP432P401R development board has connected

Next, to get started install the SimpleLink MSP432P4 SDK. Click on “Software” root of TI Resource Explorer, then click on “SimpleLink MSP432P4 SDK” root, and push “Install” button on the up-right corner of TI Resource Explorer (See figure 8). 

Figure 8. Steps to install SimpleLink MSP432P4 SDK

Once you push the “Install” button, the SimpleLink MSP432P4 SDK installation process will be started.

Figure 9. SimpleLink MSP432P4 SDK install confirmation

During the process, If the SimpleLink MSP432P4 SDK install confirmation windows opened, just click “Next” button (See figure 9), then wait the installation process until finished.


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