Turn EPSON Robot Motors ON Using Robot Manager


robotics-university.com | Hello my friends, I hope my articles about EPSON Robot are useful for you. Today I will continue guide you learning about EPSON robot motion control. In this article, I will guide you how to turn EPSON robot motors ON using Robot Manager. 

If you want to move (jog) the EPSON robot manually from Robot Manager, either on simulator environment or on real environment, first, you have to make all of the robot motors is in ON condition (All robot motor energized). 

To turn the robot motors ON, select “Control Panel” tab on the robot manager window, then on the “Motors” section, press “MOTOR ON.” See figure 1! 

Figure 1. Robot Manager window - Control tab 

After you press Motor On button, a confirmation window that ask, “Are you ready to turn robot motors ON?” will opened. To continue turn robot motors ON, just click YES button! See figure 2! 

Figure 2. Confirmation window - Are you ready to turn robot motors ON? 

Figure 3. Motor OFF/ON and Power Low/High button on EPSON Robot Manager 

If you see that the Motor ON button colour change become yellow, it is signed the robot motors has been ON already. See figure 3! 

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