Powering and Booting First Raspberry Pi

robotics-university.com | Hello friends, are you in good condition? I hope so. Today I will give you a short tutorial how to powering Raspberry Pi in order you can start enjoy using it. 

Figure 1. Raspberry Pi 3 connect to keyboard, mouse, and power DC adaptor 

Figure 2. Raspberry Pi power adaptor 

To getting start using Raspberry Pi, follow the steps bleow: 
1. Connect Raspberry Pi with a LED/LCD monitor via each HDMI port. 
2. Connect wire/wireless USB keyboard via available USB 2.0 port. 
3. Connect wire/wireless USB mouse via available USB 2.0 port. 

After that, powered your Raspberry Pi with power DC adaptor that equipped with micro USB connector on the end of the output cable (See figure 2). Make sure that the output voltage of your power DC adaptor is 5 volt DC (VDC) with 2,5 ampere current. No more or less. In order your Raspberry Pi can work properly. 

Once you powered your Raspberry Pi, it will make Raspberry Pi start to boot and enter to Raspberry Pi (Raspbian/NOOB) operating systems desktop. See figure 3 and figure 4! 

Figure 3. Raspberry Pi operating system in booting process 

Figure 4. Raspberry Pi desktop (Raspbian) display 

Congratulation! You have success to power your Raspberry Pi and make it booting for the first time. 

Setting Up Raspbian OS before Use It 

When Raspberry Pi booting for the first time, after the raspberry pi desktop opened, a “Welcome to Raspberry Pi” windows appeared. The window inform us to set up for a few things 

Figure 5. Welcome to Raspberry Pi windows 

The first setting is Country setting. You have choose your country, your used language, and your place time zone. Set this setup phase according yourself. 

Figure 6. Setting up for country (Country, Language, Time zone) 

Figure 7. Setting location process 

The second setting is change password. You are recommended to change your Raspberry Pi password for increase the security. 

Figure 8. Change default password to new password 

The third setting is update software. The feature of Raspberry Pi operating systems (OS) software is update frequently, so it is recommended for you to update your Raspberry Pi software periodically. But if you don’t want to update the Raspberry Pi software, just press the “Skip” button. 

Figure 9. Update Software 

Figure 10. Setup complete – reboot 

After all of the setup complete, then press “Reboot” button to make the raspberry Pi rebooting, in order your Raspberry Pi can run with your new setup. 

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