EPSON Robot | Hello friends, today I will introduce you about industrial EPSON robot. EPSON is one of product brand-name of Seiko Epson Corporation from Japan. Seiko Epson has known as a big watch and computer printer producer in the world. If you know SEIKO watch, it was produced by Seiko Epson. If you know EPSON printer, it was also produced by Seiko Epson. 

After success with SEIKO watch and EPSON printer products, start from 1982, Seiko Epson develop and manufacture industrial robot. EPSON manufactures Cartesian, SCARA and 6-axis industrial robots for factory automation. Cleanroom and ESD (electrostatic sensitive device) compliant models are available. For the robot controller, EPSON offer user friendly PC-based controllers. The controller is easy learned, so reduces learning time to make the robot moving. Besides that, EPSON has already had vision processing technology that can integrated on the EPSON robot to build a vision systems on it. 

Today there are more than 30,000 EPSON robots has installed in manufacturing industries around the world. EPSON Robots become one of is the global leader in PC controlled precision factory automation with a product line of hundreds of easy-to-use SCARA, Cartesian and 6-axis robots. 

Figure 1. RC+ options tool 

For user interface, EPSON robot equipped with a powerful PC based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software, EPSON RC+. With this software, user can build program (SPEL+) to control the robot moving, compile the program, sent the program to the controller, control the robot manually, and setting some other robot parameters and functions. Besides that, on the EPSON RC+ software has already integrated useful options (See figure 1) such as Simulator for 3D simulation, GUI builder to build user own GUI, Conveyor tracking for conveyor system, Vision guide for image processing system application, Force monitor for force sensing application, and more to help user to reduce development time when build an automation system. 

Figure 2. EPSON robot time to time 

As long as 30-year (See figure 2), EPSON provide vary model of industrial robots for precision assembly and material handling applications in the aerospace, appliance, automotive, biotechnology, consumer product, electronics, food processing, medical device, pharmaceutical, plastics, semiconductor, and telecommunication industries. 

Video 1. History of EPSON Robots

Video 2. Robotics Innovation from EPSON

[4] Epson Robot catalogue 

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