Arduino & Proteus | If you want to make automatic systems using Arduino board, however you haven’t had or haven’t bought Arduino board, it is no problem, because you can use simulator software. With simulator software, we can do prototyping (create hardware) automatic control application virtually, alias no really made the application, however just made automatic control system application engineering using a simulator software that run on computer. 

For simple Arduino project simulation, there is a PCB designer software that can use to design electronics circuit schematic of automatic control system (embedded systems) and all at once can use to simulate planned control program. The PCB designer software is Proteus (ISIS Proteus). 

One excess of Proteus if compared with others PCB designer software is Proteus equipped with programmable component library (microcontroller and microprocessor library) where we can upload/download a program into the programmable component to program design test (program simulation) purpose, which as if we actually send the program to the real microcontroller chip and its program behavior can also be seen in the schematic design of electronics built system. Some brands of programmable components that its library available in the Proteus software are Analog Device, ATMEL, Microchip, Parallax, Fairchild, NXP semiconductor, SG Thomson, Texas Instrument, Zilog, and so on. 

How About Arduino Board Library? 
Proteus haven’t provided library for Arduino board, however there is an engineer team who has been kindly made Arduino board library that can run on Proteus platform. The Arduino board library shared to other people freely via their website, i.e.

Let say thanks to The Engineering Project (TEP) team! We appreciate for your work. Below the link to download the Arduino board library for Proteus: 

Figure 1. Some Arduino board libraries for Proteus 

Arduino & Proteus 
With the Arduino board libraries for Proteus, then if we want to make Arduino board based embedded systems prototype, however we haven’t had or bought Arduino board and its supporting components, then we can build embedded systems project prototype using Proteus software, before we realizing the prototype design become a real hardware systems later. 

Figure 2. Minimum Arduino board based embedded systems design on the Proteus software 

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