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robotics-university.com | On my previous article, I have written about how to Home Assistant installation. On this article, I will continue my explanation about onboarding Home Assistant before use it to awaken your own home automation project. So, continue to read this article! 

Step 1: Create Account on Home Assistant 
In order you can work with Home Assistant, you have to create your account there. Type your name, Username, and Password in the available field, then press “Create Account” button (see figure 1). 

Figure 1. Create your account on Home Assistant sign-up page 

Step 2: Determine Your Home Name & Detect Its Location 
Next, give your home name on the available blank field, then click “Detect” button to set your location, time zone, and unit system. Your time zone and unit system will set based on your location automatically (See figure 2 and figure 3). 

Figure 2. Determine your home name and detect its location 

Figure 3. Your home location, time zone, and unit system information 

After that, click “Next” button and on the next page, you will see some devices that it has discovered on your network. Don’t be worry if on your screen there is no showed any devices, but just “More” button as shown below (Its means that your Home Assistant account is in initial using). You can manually add your needed devices later (See figure 4). 

Figure 4. Home Assistant account has created 

Click “Finish” button to finished your Home Assistant account setting. 

Step 3: Home Assistant Configuration 
Once you click the “Finish” button (On the previous step), you will see your Home Assistant user interface (See figure 5). 

Figure 5. Your Home Assistant user interface (Default view) 

On your Home Assistant user interface, click “Configuration” option to open Home Assistant configuration page (See figure 6). 

Figure 6. Home Assistant configuration page 

On the Home Assistant configuration page, you will see some menu that have function to configure your home automation user interface features (See figure 6). 

Step 4: Add “Integrations” on Your Home Assistant User Interface 
The early step to awaken home automation user interface is add and setup the needed integration. 

Figure 7. Integration page (Add integration) 

To do so, click + button on the right-lower corner of integration page (See figure 7). 

Figure 8. Click a new integration - Blink (for example) 

Then select one integration that you need. For example, select Blink integration (See figure 8). 

Figure 9. A new integration, in progress prepared (for example) 

Wait for a moment, when the new integration, in progress prepared (See figure 9). 

Figure 10. Setup the new integration - Blink (for example) 

After the integration preparation has finished, then set the new integration parameters needed up. The setup parameters of one integration with one another integration, may be different. 

Until this point, you have finished to onboarding your Home Assistant. Continue some steps, so you can get started awaken fully your own home automation projects. 


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