How To Create New Project and Hardware Connection Verify On Code Composer Studio | Hello friends, when you getting started build your embedded systems project using Texas Instruments microcontroller chips and Code Composer Studio IDE software, it is important to know how to create new project and verify your hardware connection with your computer. My today article will explain to you about that. So, let’s continue reading and practice. 

STEP 1: Open Code Composer Studio 
To open the Code Composer Studio, double-click the shortcut (See figure 1) on your computer desktop or launch it from your computer “Start Menu.” 

Figure 1. Code Composer Studio IDE shortcut 

Figure 2. Opening display of Code Composer Studio IDE (v9.3.0) 

STEP 2: Select A Directory As The Project Workspace 
After you launch the Code Composer Studio shortcut, an “Eclipse Launcher: Select a directory as workspace” will opened (See figure 3). You need to determine a folder or directory as your project storage. 

Figure 3. Eclipse Launcher: Select a directory as workspace window 

Select your own workspace folder by push the Browse button. After you have selected your workspace folder, don’t check “Use this as the default and do not ask again” option, in order you can save another project file on the different folder/directory that you wanted. Then click the Launch button to go to the next steps (See figure 4). 

Figure 4. Select your own workspace folder/directory 

After you click Launch button, the Code Composer Studio main page will be opened (See figure 5). 

Figure 5. Code Composer Studio main page 

STEP 3: Create New Project 
To create a new project on Code Composer Studio platform, select File-menu, then select New >> CSS Project (See figure 6). 

Figure 6. Create new project 

After that, a “New CCS Project” windows will be open for you. There, you have to set your project setting. See figure 7 and set your project setting with follow the project setting on that figure. 

Figure 7. New Code Composer Studio (CCS) project setting 

STEP 4: Verify Your Hardware Connection 
Before you terminate (Finish) the new CCS project setting, it is better if you make sure that your MSP432 development kit has already connected with your computer. You can do it by click the “Verify” button on the right-side of connection section (See figure 7). For the connection status, once you push the “Verify” button, a “Verify Connection” windows will be opened (See figure 8). If the connection status “Succeeded,” it is sign that your MSP432 development kit has been connected with your computer. So, you can continue to go the next steps. 

Figure 8. Development kit connection verification status 

After you verify the connection of your MSP432 development kit with your computer and it is succeeded, next, push “Finish” button on the “Verify Connection” windows and on the “New CCS Project” windows (See figure 7 and figure 8). At the same time, a New CCS project has created (See figure 9). 

Figure 9. New CCS project has created 

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