HC-08 Module - Bluetooth Low Energy V4.0

robotics-university.com | Hello friends, talking about wireless communication with Bluetooth technology, there is one useful Bluetooth module which can be use. The Bluetooth module that I mean is HC-08 (Bluetooth Low Energy V4.0) module (See figure 1). On today article, I will give an overview about that module. In general, this module used by embedded systems developer or hobbist to make wireless application with apply Bluetooth low energy (BLE) V4.0 technology. 

  Figure 1. HC-08 (Bluetooth Low Energy V4.0) module 

HC-08 (BLE V4.0) Module Introduction 
Quote from the HC-08 module, there are mention that HC-08 Bluetooth UART communication module is a new generation of Bluetooth specification V4.0 BLE Bluetooth protocol based on the transmission module. Wireless working frequency is 2.4GHz ISM, modulation is GFSK. The maximum transmit power module 4dBm, the receiving sensitivity is -93dBm, and iphone4s can achieve 80 meters of super long-distance communication under open environment. 

The module uses the stamp hole encapsulation, can patch welding, module size is 26.9mm * 13mm * 2.2mm, very convenient to the customer within the embedded application system. 

The module uses the CC2540 chip, the configuration of the 256K Byte space, supports AT command, the user can according to need to change role and the serial baud rate, equipment name and other parameters, the use of flexible. 

Figure 2. CC2540 chip on the HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module main processor 

HC-08 (BLE V4.0) Module Dimension 
The dimension of HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module hardware are shows as on the figure 3 below. 

Figure 3. HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module - dimension 

HC-08 (BLE V4.0) Module Pins Description 
In order you can use this HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module, you have to know the pins description, so you will get this Bluetooth module work as your expectation. See figure 4. 

Figure 4. HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module - pin description 

From figure 3 above, we know that HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module has 30 pins and also equipped with on board PCB antenna. Pin specific definitions are listed in the following table: 

Table 1. HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module - pin description 

For the detail information about HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module pin description, you can download and read its document support (User Manual) from the link which available on the “Source” section of this article. 

In the using, HC-08 module placed on the top of an adapter, so the pins that used for interfacing become six pins only, i.e. TXD, RXD, GND, VCC, and two additional pins of the adapter, i.e. State and Key. See figure 4 for the detail. 

Figure 5. HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module pin description on the top of its adapter 

HC-08 (BLE V4.0) Module AT Commands 
For the operation, the HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module parameters have to set using AT command. AT commands are instructions used to control and configure a modem or bluetooth module functionalities. AT is the abbreviation of ATtention. Every command line starts with "AT" or "at". That's why that commands are called with AT commands. Below is the AT commands list to configure the function of HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module. 

Table 2. AT commands list for HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module configuration 

For the detail information about HC-08 (BLE V4.0) module AT command, you can download and read its document support (User Manual) from the link which available on the “Source” section of this article. 


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