RC90 Series EPSON Robots controller

robotics-university.com | This article will introduce to you RC90 series EPSON robot controller. For further information about RC90 series controller, let’s see the specification table below: 

Table 1. RC90 series EPSON robot controller specification 

RC90 series is EPSON robot controller that can use for EPSON 6-axis and 4-axis (SCARA) robots. 

Table 2. RC90 controller software and effector support 

From table 2 above, we know that RC90 series controller just can support to control 4-axis EPSON robot LS series. RC90 is not support to control 6-axis EPSON robot (C4/C8/N2 series). For the software, RC90 compatible using RC+ versi 7.0 or the latest version. 

Figure 1. System capability of RC90 controller 

With see figure 1 above, We know that RC90 series controller can use to control an EPSON robot in three way, i.e. 1) Control manually via teaching pendant (TP1/TP2). 2) Control directly from Robot Manager that available in RC+ software or from Graphical User Interface (GUI) application that we can build by our-self using GUI builder that has integrated in RC+ software. 3) Full automatically control with create a SPELL+ program (coding) EPSON robot motion control. 

As RC700-A series, beside to control the EPSON robot motion, We can integrated a camera with RC90 controller to make a conveyor tracking application, because RC90 controller support to build a colour or monochrome image processing application. 

To make a communication with external devices (digital/analog) either input devices or output devices, RC90 controller equipped with standard I/O port. It has equipped with 24 input and 16 output port. But if we need more I/O port, we can add I/O expansion card in RC90 (24 input/16 output). We are allowed to install up to 2 board I/O expansion card on RC90 controller. 

Beside standard I/O port, RC90 also equipped with a standard RS232 port that will useful when we want to make a communication with one external device serially, but if we want to connect some external devices serially with only using one cable, we can add external FieldBUS* I/O card on the RC90 option board connector. With FieldBUS, it will possible make EPSON robot can working in multiple workcells. 

[1] RC90 series EPSON robot controller catalogue 

* FieldBUS is a standard of signal communications between field devices operating in a factory (sensor, actuator, robot controller, etc.) and controller (PLC or robot controller) using serial communications. 

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