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robotics-university.com | Hello my friends! I hope you all always in a good condition. Today I will inform you about Raspberry Pi family models. Because there is some variants of Raspberry Pi. For a beginner, it may will bewilder. For your general information, Raspberry Pi divide into three models. They are Model B, Model A, and Model Zero. 

Model B 
The Raspberry Pi Model B is the leader of Raspberry Pi Model, with the fastest CPU and most connectivity features. The Model B is the largest Pi available with the approximate size of an ATM card. For the beginners, it is better if you getting started to enter the world of Pi by using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (The latest version that released on March 2018). 


Model A 
The Raspberry Pi Model A is a cut down version of the Model B, featuring a smaller form factor and only has one USB port. The Model A's do not include Ethernet, and are designed to be lower cost, lower power consumption alternative to the Model B. 

Model Zero 
The Raspberry Pi Zero is an ultra-low cost and ultra-small variant of the Raspberry Pi. It is equipped with GPIO line but the header not installed and only has a single micro USB port for connectivity. Special for the Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless), it equipped with on board WiFi and Bluetooth to support wireless communication project via wireless internet network. 

For further Raspberry Pi models comparison, you can see on MODMYPI website, click here!


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