Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) - 16x2 Characters | Hello friends, today I will give an overview about one of display component in electronics world. Do you know what component is? Yes, you are right! That is liquid crystals display or LCD. In general, this component used by embedded systems development or hobbist to display data that has related with their projects, i.e. temperature measurement, ADC value, real time clock, and etc. On this article I explain about 16x2 character LCD module HD44780 from Hitachi (or compatible). See figure 1 for the visualization and figure 2 for its diagram block. 

 Figure 1. Hitachi HD44780 LCD 16x2 characters (or compatible) 

Figure 2. Hitachi HD44780 LCD 16x2 characters - Diagram block 

LCD 16x2 Character Pins Description 
In order you can use this LCD module, you have to know the pins description, so you can make a true connection between your processor chip with this LCD module. See figure 3 and Table 1, to know the detail of the Hitachi HD44780 16x2 LCD module pin configuration. 

Figure 3. LCD 16x2 character - pin configuration 

Tabel 1. LCD 16x2 pins description 

For detail information about Hitachi HD44780 LCD 16x2 characters, please read its datasheet here!


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